Re: [Power Management] - Re: LT8490 Buck-Boost Battery Charge Controller with MPPT

Hi sir,

Here i described the test setup

We are Tested LT8490 charger circuit through DC Voltage (20V) Input Given

to VIN with VINR pin to GND.

Measured BATTERY voltage 12.5V

Connected 12V Lead-acid Battery to LT8490 charger output terminal

Then Switched on the DC supply

we are checked INVCC,GATEVCC,LDO33 these all are got recomended voltage

we did not get clk from CLKOUT

SWENO always low

STATUS led blinking evey 4 sec

FAULT led Always ON

CHARGEDCFG1 We are not used

CHARGEDCFG2 we are not used

followed DEMO MANUAL DC2069A Circuit  and verified with same

Here i am attaching our schematics for your reference

Give us a list of pins to be probed

Can u please resolve this problem.

with regards



    we are using LT8490 Buck-Boost Battery Charge Controller with MPPT for one of our solar charger based project.

    we are facing Some problem.we are not get output voltage but INTVCC,GATEVCC and VDD got require mean time fault status led blinking every 6 secs

    can you suggest me were the problem persist.

    we are using same DEMO MANUAL DC2069A circuit.


    FROM: FormerMember

    The LT8490 will measure the battery voltage before starting to charge the battery. The voltage on output terminals must be at least 5V for a 12V battery charger, otherwise the LT8490 will not turn on.

    Can you describe the test setup? Is the power source a solar panel? Is the solar panel illuminated or dark? Do you have a battery attached?

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  • Measure the voltage at FBOUT. It is possible that the ideal diode Q3 is blocking so that the battery voltage does not appear on VOUT_P12V. This means that the LT8490 does not see a battery voltage so it does not start.

    For troubleshooting, short Q3 drain to source.

    Also, check TEMPSENSE pin voltage. And the schematic shows the battery connected in reverse.

  • Hi,

    Now our charger circuit working after short Q3 drain to source.

    Thanks for giving feedback

    with regards


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