ADP5360 - Application Layout and Question on Pins Unconnected


For the layout of the pin, the datasheet seems to be missing some vias. Is it recommended to do via-in-pad for the fanout of this part? Further, it seems the labeling of the numbers in Figure 62 is reversed. The layout also does not show a connection between AGND1 and AGND2, is it safe to assume these are internally connected and an external trace is not required?

To minimize any extra resistors, are there any concerns to leaving the inputs "ILIM, ICS" disconnected/floating?

Can STP be left floating? Or is it recommended to tie to Pgnd with a pull-down?

Can ENCHG be safely tied directly to the USB supply to ensure that charging starts whenever the 5v USB cable is connected? Any current limit on this? If this pin is left floating, does that mean that charging will only start from the i2c command?

Thank you!

Added image capture of "Recommended layout" from Datasheet
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