LTC4011 Resetting itself

Hi all,

we have a problem with a LTC4011 based NiMH charger design:

The LTC4011 seems to be very sensitivy on slight spikes / voltage changes happening on its "DCIN" Pin side. Then the LTC4011 resets itself and begins a new charging cycle.

We are using pretty much the reference circuit design shown below:

We stabilized the VCC side with 10uF and also the DCIN side with 10uF (and other C combinationswere tested). It helped to become more stable but it´s still quite sensitive.

The datasheets shows curves of the allowed voltage difference between DCIN and VCC Pin being around +/- 30mV. 

How can the two voltages be stabilized enough to not go into the shutdown ? Could not find information about C´s or layout consideration when having a little noise environment.

Thank you very much

Best regards