Problem with LTC2942

Good afternoon everyone from Spain,

I'm Juan Domingo, from GTG Ingenieros.

We have used the LTC2942 in the design of an electronic card for a portable device. We have connected this IC as indicated in the datasheet. Schematic in pdf file is attached.

This device is powered from a 1-cell Li-Ion battery. It is a removable cylindrical battery; therefore, it is possible that, when removing the battery, the polarity of the battery can be inverted when it is inserted next.

We have verified that, by reversing the polarity of the battery, the LTC2942 burned and stopped working altogether.

I make the following queries:

1) .- Does the LTC2942 have some type of polarity inversion protection?.

2) .- Could you explain to me what caused this problem?.

3) .- Given that it is possible that a polarity reversal of the battery occurs, could you tell me if this is appropriate battery monitor or recommend another better reference?

While waiting to receive your answers, I appreciate your cooperation.