I would like to measure the efficiency of the EVALZ-1-ADP5090. For this I use the keysight b2901a. I use the first channel for VIN, the second for SYS. I have chosen the following settings. I_IN=0,1A to 0,001A, V_IN_compliance=2V, Vsys=3,5V and I_out_comp= -0,1A. Now I have the problem that there is only 0.245V at the input and that the MPPT tracking of the OCV does not work. Where do I have a thinking error? Or is it possible that the EVAL board is damaged? Thank you!

This ist was happend.

Repeat VAR2 Point Input Voltage Input Current Input Time Output Voltage Output Current Output Time
1 1 1 2,45E-02 1,00E-02 1,01E+00 3,50E+00 2,23E-03 1,01E+00 2,45E-04 7,80E-03 3,18E+03
1 1 2 2,43E-02 9,90E-03 2,02E+00 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 2,02E+00 2,41E-04 7,76E-03 3,23E+03
1 1 3 2,41E-02 9,80E-03 3,02E+00 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 3,02E+00 2,36E-04 7,76E-03 3,29E+03
1 1 4 2,38E-02 9,70E-03 4,03E+00 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 4,03E+00 2,31E-04 7,76E-03 3,36E+03
1 1 5 2,36E-02 9,60E-03 5,03E+00 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 5,03E+00 2,27E-04 7,76E-03 3,43E+03
1 1 6 2,33E-02 9,51E-03 6,03E+00 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 6,03E+00 2,22E-04 7,76E-03 3,50E+03
1 1 7 2,31E-02 9,41E-03 7,04E+00 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 7,04E+00 2,17E-04 7,76E-03 3,57E+03
1 1 8 2,28E-02 9,31E-03 8,04E+00 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 8,04E+00 2,13E-04 7,76E-03 3,65E+03
1 1 9 2,26E-02 9,21E-03 9,05E+00 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 9,05E+00 2,08E-04 7,76E-03 3,73E+03
1 1 10 2,23E-02 9,11E-03 1,01E+01 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 1,01E+01 2,04E-04 7,76E-03 3,81E+03
1 1 11 2,21E-02 9,01E-03 1,11E+01 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 1,11E+01 1,99E-04 7,76E-03 3,90E+03
1 1 12 2,18E-02 8,91E-03 1,21E+01 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 1,21E+01 1,95E-04 7,76E-03 3,99E+03
1 1 13 2,16E-02 8,81E-03 1,31E+01 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 1,31E+01 1,90E-04 7,76E-03 4,08E+03
1 1 14 2,14E-02 8,71E-03 1,41E+01 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 1,41E+01 1,86E-04 7,76E-03 4,17E+03
1 1 15 2,11E-02 8,61E-03 1,51E+01 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 1,51E+01 1,82E-04 7,76E-03 4,27E+03
1 1 16 2,09E-02 8,52E-03 1,61E+01 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 1,61E+01 1,78E-04 7,76E-03 4,37E+03
1 1 17 2,06E-02 8,42E-03 1,71E+01 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 1,71E+01 1,73E-04 7,76E-03 4,47E+03
1 1 18 2,04E-02 8,32E-03 1,81E+01 3,50E+00 2,22E-03 1,81E+01 1,69E-04 7,76E-03 4,58E+03