LTM4622 EMI/EMC performance

Hello all

We have a point of load application (12V to 5V / 3A max) where LTM4623 would be excellent, except for the current / wattage capability (derating is required). So we are considering the LTM4622 in which is capable to deliver 5A max. but we are wondering about its EMC (contacted / radiated emissions) performance. The LTM8623 passes the EN5022 B test and it is also stated as a "Low EMI" solution, while the LTM4622 seems to be its dual sibling (architecture, operating frequency, current capability) but it has no EMI/EMC credits at all. Should we assume that LTM4622's EMI performance is comparable to that of LTM4023?

Thank you in advance


  • Hi jimpap, 

    The designs are similar so similar EMI performance is also expected. Though official EMI data is not included in the LTM4622 datasheet we have performed some preliminary 12Vin radiated EMI testing for 1Vout to 5Vout @ 2.5A each rail in which the data showed it meeting CISPR22 Class B limits throughout those conditions.