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ADICUP3029 doesn't connect

Category: Software
Product Number: ADICUP3029

Dear Analog team,

I am using the ADICUP3029 eval board to control the EVAL-AD5941BATZ device for battery impedance measurement.
I have yet tried to connect over the sensorpal Gui that you provide.

However I have been not capable to connect to the evaluation board yet.

Hereafter the steps i followed :  

- 1 connect the board over the given usb cable in the kit (i have tried other usb cables as well). and i see the DAPLINK folder that shows up

2 connect to sensor pal ( It says I have to update the firmware in the board (version 0. 0.0.0) which I try. I see the red light from the flasher working. However, it seems like the programm hasn't been flashed

3- under device manager, I can see the device shows up (COM26) . However, it is not mentionned as analog device or Mbed device (please see picture atached)

4- using Coreutilities to erase the software or any other trial (Putty , teraterm etc...) failed with (no connection reached on COM 26)

5- the buttons are well positioon on the kit (USB ans WALL/USB)

6 - i have tried to flash by drag and drop but same happen, it seems like it hasn't been flashed prperly even if the red light shows activity on the board durong flashing.

I have tried to install driver for my windows 10 but i could find any. I have tried all this again on a windows 7 with no morer success.

Would you have any idea ?