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LTC6813 communication issue - Linduino DC2792B

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6813-1


I am working on a project trying to communicate with a LTC6813 setup measuring 6 cells in series. I have a linduino and DC2792B to communicate via isoSPI.I am also using the arduino libraries provided by analogue devices inc. Unfortunately I am not getting communications with the LTC6813.

The battery comes from a vehicle that is made up of multiple modules. They use isoSPI to communicate as the BMS has 6820 deployed. I am trying to communicate with the final module which has a 2 wire comms connection.

Are there any debugs I could try to try and get comms. I have checked pins and scoped the isoSPI line and all seems correct.

Many thanks


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    I was thinking maybe the difference in resistors would affect the differential pulse that is detected by the 6813. The DC2350B has 1k resistors for both, whereas the 6813 has 2.8k for R1 and…