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Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX77840

Hey, I recently bought MAX77840_EVKIT_B, attatched with two boards (MINIQUSB+_REV_A and MINIQUSB-XHV+_REV_A)

I could not describe the detailed connection from PC to Max77840 IC because it is complicated, but roughly so to say, through using USB 2.0 B type connector, it "seems" connection is ready.

so I made connection, then the "DS3" LED is blinking when not connected to battery, or constant ON when connected to battery.

[Defauld board setup]                                                                                 [Connection Configuration 1;"Config①"]                                               [Connection Configuration 2;"Config②"] 

For the Config①, I used 5V/2A wall charger made by Samsung, It is suffice to charge 451㎃ current to the battery.

For the Config②, I used 5V/3A wall charger made by Shenzhen It is suffice to charge 453㎃ current to the battery.

And for the MAX77840_EVKIT_B(skyblue board)'s Jumper Header, I followed the DEFAULT POSITION.

And for the software setup, I downloaded the MAX77840 Evaluation Kit Software, 1.1.14 with USB driver.

※ Connection seems no problem, but here is the thing.

Everytime I clicked "Device" → "Connection" in the EVK software, I always get the same message. "I/O Error"

I tried changing hardware setting, got same "I/O Error" message for Config① and either Config②.

Could anyone help me to get through this ? 

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