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LT8490 doesn't startup to charge

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT8490

Hi There!!!

I am having issues with LT8490 to startup to charge,

My charger configuration is:-

Input:- 50V, 3.75A

Output:- 40V, 3.8A

1) I am using simulated loads at input (40V) and output (40V power supply with 4A constant current  load)

2) I have disabled MPPT (VNIR pin=0V )

3) I have disabled temperature sensing (11.5k/ 10k resistor divider with 0.1uF)

I have verified the following:-


SHDN= logic high (9.52V)


LDO33= 3.28V

FBOUT= 0.972V

FBIN= Oscillating 

SWEN= OV (not enabling the chip. Don't know the reason)

However SWEN is connected to SWENO via pulldown as shown in the PDF of schematic

CLKOUT= 0V (As chip is not enabled )

I have attached my other pins measurement here:-

Could someone please guide me why is the SWEN pin not turning ON?

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