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Open wire test incorrectly identifying a cell as an open cell

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6813-1

Hello, I have been working on a custom BMS I built using the LTC6813. I connected cells to it after testing with resistors and am receiving an issue in both cases: the cell 14 is showing up as an open cell when I run the open wire test, however it appears to be fully connected. Confusingly, the discharge LED is turning on when I run the open wire test, but does not for other cells that are confirmed to be open wires. Cell 14's voltage is also reading at 2.8V, which is not correct, it should be ~3.6V. 

I am unsure of what this could be caused by. Is it likely to be some connection issue between Cell 14 and the balancing circuitry? Could the proximity to the DC-DC be causing noise in the reading? It is a 4 layer board with a ground plane underneath the DCDC and the traces. The only thing I could think of in this case would be the drive signal causing a lot of interference in Cell 14's analog reading, but the ground plane lies between the two. 

If anyone has experience with this issue, I would appreciate your advice.