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MAX17332 with non-rechargeable 3V battery

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX17332


We have a new project with non-rechargeable 3V battery (2.5V-3.0V).

We already have working drivers for MAX17332 that is why I want to use it for:

1.Current sense

2.Voltage sense

3.Temp sense

3.OVC protection

Main thing it is non-rechargeable, what is easiest way to disable charge?

Maybe I will not use discharge and charge function to save consumption (so MAX17332 will be usually in deepship for rare updates on battery state), may I just bypass FETs with 0R?

Maybe AD has better solution for such batteries, I prefer lower active current (device should live from CR2032 battery for half year, so consumption is critical)

  • Hi Stas, 

    For this, there are a few potential solutions. If you want to keep the MAX17332, then I would suggest either removing the FETs or enabling manual charging (Config.ManChg) and setting the ChargingCurrent (0x028) and nIChgCfg1/2(0x1CE and 0x1CF) registers to 0x0000. This should fully disable any charge current.

    However, I would recommend considering a smaller IC for use instead of the MAX17332 if you're only looking for the ModelGauge algorithm and are uninterested in the other features. Some other ICs that I would suggest would be the MAX1726X family or the MAX1730X family. 

    Thanks and please let me know if that works for you!