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Increase charging current in-situ

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LT8491


I would like to use the LT8491 for charging a lead-acid battery, which may power loads at the same time. Let's assume following scenario: the battery can be charged with a maximum current of 5A, while the load draws 3A. The DC-Power supply can deliver 10A. If realised like suggested in the datasheet, the LT8491 would charge the Battery with only 2A even though the power supply could deliver power to drive the load and charge the battery with maximum current.

Is there an elegant solution to the problem?

Two of my ideas are:

  • let the output current shunt not measure the total current, but only the battery current (questionable, if the current control loop still functioned correctly)
  • Measure the load current with a microcontroller, add the value to the one of maximum battery charging current and set it via I2C (Question is, how the LT8491 deals with the frequently changing maximum current)

Best regards and than you