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gui software on windows

Category: Software
Product Number: ADBMS6815
My name is Chan.

I connected it like this (dc590b <-> dc2792b(ltc6820) <->eval-adbms6815) and monitored it with Quikeval on PC (windows).

When I run Quikeval on my PC, I get an error like the picture below.
I searched for the symptom in ADI Engineer Zone. I saw an answer saying that quikeval cannot be used on ltc6820 because conversion is done in real time.

I have a question.
1. Is it true that Quikeval is not available?
2. If you look at the EVAL-ADBMS6815 datasheet, it says that it has GUI software. Is it compatible with my connection?
3. Can I use Quikeval using linduino(dc2062) instead of dc590b?
4. If I use linduino (dc2062), are the LTC6820 and ADBMS6815 libraries provided?
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5. Is there an API or Lib related to ADBMS6815?