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MAX77757 way to 0°C-40°C charge temperature range, and regarding PVL voltage

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX77757


My customer intends to use a lithium battery, which has a limited temperature of 0°C to 40°C, but the battery has a built -in NTC with a 10kΩ B3435 curve.
In Threshold of THM of MAX77757, it cannot be adjusted to satisfy both Cold = 0°C and HOT = 40°C (it must be a B4750 curve).
Do you have a recommended way to solve this or a good idea?

Also, I am trying to adjusting the Thermistor curve by an additional circuit.
One of the ideas is a method of converting the curve using a PNP transistor (an attached picture), but it may depends on the PVL voltage.
Since the PVL voltage range is not listed on the data sheet, could you let me know the rough PVL specifications?

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