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LTC3335 paried with a battery charger as the LT4071 or an EH IC

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC3335


I am trying to design an EH WSN with a propper charge protector for the battery, I could use for example the LT3106 but it lacks of a programmable input current and I want to limit how many current comes from the PV and how many the battery recieves.

I have thinked about using the LT3335 and pair it with an battery charger as the LT4071 with a simple PV charger circuit or maybe with a more complex one as the 3107 and a the LT4071.

But I am not sure if the LT3335 would handle properly this configuration, maybe it can work with rechargeable batteries. I can try to pair the LT3330 with a battery charger as the LT4071 but this IC lacks is not as accurate limiting input current, let me know if I'm wrong.

Thanks for your time.

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