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Can the LTC3337 also be used for LiMnO2 batteries?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC3337

Today I found the specifications of the LTC3337 Primary Battery SOH Monitor with Precision Coulomb Counter. We have several products with Lithium Manganese Dioxide Primary Battery (CR2) and we want to make the battery warning more reliable. So far, we measure the battery voltage under load and trigger the battery warning when the voltage drops below a certain threshold value.

In our products, we have current peaks of approx. 300mA for approx. 30ms in addition to longer idle phases. Can we use the LTC3335 with a larger output capacitor even though the current peaks from the battery are limited to 100mA? How is the capacitor value calculated then?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, Typo with the device number.
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