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Labview with LTC6811 BMS Daisy Chain Issues

Category: Software
Product Number: ltc6811-1
Software Version: Labview 2019

Hi, im trying to build a BMS by using 2 ltc6811-1 boards and daisy chaining them together. I am confused as to how the isoSPI works. For the first board which is connected to my controller, i am using the 14-ribbon SPI. For the connection of the bottom board to the top board i am using the RJ45 cable provided. In my Labview program, i am unsure of how to wake up the second board. My current program is able to read up to 12 cells but I am looking to further expand its capabilities. From what i can understand, the isoSPI port takes 600us to wake up and be at the ready state. I would have to wake up the isoSPI port before sending the read configuration command? x0002.