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SPI communication with EVAL-ADBT1000SDZ over P1 connector

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADBT1000

Hey Guys.  I have an EVAL-ADBT1000SDZ eval board for the ADBT1000 chip.  I'm connected to P1 (The port on the center-back of the board, behind the daughter cards) and I'm sending requests to the controller using my board.  

I see that I'm SENDING the request, but I'm not seeing ANYTHING on the INPUT line:

I have removed the "SDP-S controller board" as I figured it could result in contention for the SPI bus.

Checked my cable, and my wiring to the P1 port.  Everything looks right.  It's almost like the ADBT1000 is dead.  (Which it's not, as I've tested it with the SDP-S controller board, and the Windows GUI software).  

What am I doing wrong?