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Question about how to make Vreg output voltage of LTC6811-2

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6811-2


My customer is developing BMS system with  LTC6811-2.

And they  ask some questions about booting procedure in LTC6811-2.

LTC6811 LSI is in the initial state (POWER-ON), 

Q1) Is there an external setting method that can wake-up without processing CS PORT command?

Q2) Is there no external H/W Setting that can output the voltage of the DRIVE terminal?

Q3) In the initial power-on state(sleep mode),  .. (same as  LTC6803 in the initial state)

Q4) Is there any way to use Vreg power using TR without processing s/w cs command ?

Just after powerring on the board (supplying power to LTC6811-1), they think that LTC6911-2 is a sleep mode.

So for getting a voltage at Drive terminal,they think that they should do a wake-up signal thru CS pin from Micom.

Q5) Is above description right?

Q6) Can they make a 5.7V output voltage at DRIVE terminal without a ake-up signal (CS is low) from Micom (additional command) or other additional procedure?

They want to use Vreg output  voltage initial state (jusrt after power- on.).

So they need your advices.