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ESP32 LTC6804-1 and LTC6820 problem

Product Number: ESP32 LTC6804-1

Hi, I'm testing my custom board with ESP32 and LTC6820 and I have a problem communicating with a LTC6804-1 board.
The LTC6804-1 board works with the controller board I bought but I need to use my own.

I'm using 820 and 1.21kOhm IBIAS and ICMP resistors on both boards.
And 2kOhm MISO pullup resistor on LTC6820.

The LTC6804-1 board wakes up, I can see 5V on drive pin, only one of the vref capacitors has 5V. 

I can't read any voltages, I'm getting PEC error and 6.5535V on all cells.

I'm using DC1894.ino code, I also tried to modify with the answers from this question but it didn't work. 
ESP32 SPI communication with LTC6810( DC2515B).

Also I'm testing with a short 0.5m twisted cable.

Is this a software problem as the boards wakes up but I can't read anything?

  • It could be a software problem considering LTC6804 works with another controller. You can use this source code from the LTSketchbook as a reference to develop the code for your microcontroller.

    only one of the vref capacitors has 5V. 

    Can you recheck whether your LTC6804 side schematic matches with the application circuit in LTC6804's datasheet? VREF voltages should not come up to 5V under any condition. On power-up, they stay low and then they come up to respective voltages(VREF1: 3.2V and VREF2: 3V) when any ADC conversion starts.