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About reading LTC2949 Non-Accumulated Results Registers

Category: Software
Product Number: LTC2949
Software Version: DC2732A

Hello Everyone,

I am working with LTC2949 IC and I cannot access enough information about a subject via datasheet. Datasheet on page 44 reads "Reading of status (0x80), faults (0xDC-0xDD) and alert (0x81-0x87) registers may always be done without memory locking." Based on this sentene, when I start making software tests, I access the default values of STATUS, FAULT and EXTFAULT register data.

The first thing I want to ask you here is, can I read Non-Accumulated Result Registers in the absence of Memory Lock?

As a results of my researches and tests, I think that I will not be able to access it, so what is the order of reading Non-Accumulated Result Registers? I'm doing a memory locking test with figure 19 on page 43, but I can't observe a change on the 0xF0 OPCTRL register. Is it possible for you to share an example with a sample package structure that I need to write and read similar to the steps on Page 31?