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LTC6804-2 VOV

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC6804IG-2#PBF
Software Version: NA


I'm facing some problems regarding OverVoltage cells (when I check the Status Register Group B). I have a LTC6804-2 with 12 cells connected. The ADC voltage readings are correct:

VC1 = 41538 VC7 = 40528
VC2 = 38785 VC8 = 40504
VC3 = 40256 VC9 = 40138
VC4 = 40219 VC10 = 40567
VC5 = 40232 VC11 = 40495
VC6 = 40532 VC12 = 40548

At the begining I set the voltage thresholds for OV and UV (Configuration Register Group):
    voltage_vuv_threshold = 1563 (that it is 2.5 V)
    voltage_vov_threshold = 4094 (that it is 8.5V)

After writing this information in to the LTC6804, I read back the register in order to check if those values are properly stored (and they are ok).

Then, I check the Register Group B (CxOV & CxUV flags). All bits related to OV cells are set to 1, no matter what value I set as OverVoltage threshold:
    vuv_flags = 0 (all cells haven't gone below 2.5V)
    vov_flags = 4095 (all cells have gone above 8.5V)

I do have the suspicius that no matter I'm writing in Configuration Register Group, but value is 0, that is why I don't have UV but I have OV. What it is strange is when I read back the register value it has the values that I wrote.

Any of you have any clue on this?

Thanks in advance,