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LTC6811-2 isoSPI addressable bus configuration

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6811HG-2 #3ZZTRPBF

Hello everyone!

I recently purchased the LTC6811HG-2 part, that is going to be used in automotive HV battery and I am starting to work on my schematic for the master and slave boards. Concerning the iso SPI bus, i have seen from the datasheet and your own development board schematics many different solutions, as to ESD protection and isoSPI addressable bus coupling. For an automotive solution, where the environment of the isoSPI differential bus is extreme noisy, what hardware suggestion do you recommend?    Also, i would like to know how these solutions (as shown below) actually affect the signal integrity and signal power?

  • The recommended circuit in the datasheet for LTC6811 is correct. The one below is the recommended circuit for isoSPI translator LTC6820. 

    We usually recommend transformers for isolation but if the environment is very noise you can also add common mode chokes along with transformer as shown in the schematic. 

    Signal integrity will not be affected. In both the modes you will be able to communicate with every device in daisy chain. there is no limit to it.