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NOISE Issue LTC6812 Daisy Chain Configuration for Energy Storage Application

Category: Software
Product Number: LTC6812

BMS Daisy Chain for Energy Storage Application customer is using and Connecting with UPS System and charging happen its through BMS and it’s controlling the Switch that time Noise is Happening, Discharging connect with Load, No Noise.

    Customer is connected the LTC6812 cell module to a 192V Li-ion battery system (4 cell modules daisy chained). Through isoSPI communication using LTC6820, it communicates with STM32 master. They are measuring voltage, current and temperature parameters. Each cell module has 5 NTC based temperature sensors connected.

There are two tasks,

* Synchronous voltage and current measurement

* Temperature measurement

When they are not doing voltage and current measurement, they are able to get all 20 temperature sensor readings. But, with voltage and current measurement, they  getting all 5 temperature readings for the module where the current sensor is connected, and 3 to 4 temperature readings are showing as open in the other modules.