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Question about Daisy chain configuration of LTC6812-1

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6812-1


My customer is reviewing ADI BMS solutions and ask some questions about daisy configuration.

Please refer Fig.18/Fig.19 in LTC6812-1 datasheet.

Q1) Would you let me know your opinions about advantages and disadvantages of Capacitive-Coupled Daisy-Chain Configuration and Transformer-Isolated Daisy-Chain Configuration?

    1-1) Capacitive-Coupled Daisy-Chain Configuration : 

            -  Advantages

             - Disadvantages

             - Differences against Transformer-Isolated  Daisy-Chain Configuration

     1-2)  Transformer-Isolated  Daisy-Chain Configuration : 

            -  Advantages

             - Disadvantages

             - Differences against Capacitive-Coupled Daisy-Chain Configuration 

Q2) If they use ADI BMS in robust enviroment, should they use Transformer-Isolated  Daisy-Chain Configuration?