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Question about the specification of LTC6811-1 (max. no. of supportable compoent in daisy chain, Vin range)

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC6811-1


My customer is reviewing the specification of LTC6811-1 and ask some questoins about this devoce.

Q1) In daisy chained isoSPI, how many components are supported ?

      They want to know the maximum number of commponents(LTC6811) in isoSPI daisy chain.

Q2) Would you let me know the Vin range of LTC6811-1?

      Can LTC6811-1 support 14s2p battery pack?

Q3) Would you provide documents about application note of daisy chain and isoSPI?


Please advise me.



  • Thanks for your inquiry. Please see answers below. LTC6811-1/LTC6811-2 datasheet can be accessed here.

    Q1: As per datasheet (page 78), there is no strict limitation on the maximum number of devices in the daisy chain, provided that the t5 requirement of 2us is satisfied on the SPI interface. But it is important to consider the serial read back time and the current consumption of increased number of devices. These factors will determine the practical limitation of the size of the network.

    Q2: As per datasheet (page 3), Vin range is 0V - 75V. The said configuration can be supported as long as the battery stack voltage is within the Vin range.

    Q3: Applications information in implementing modular isoSPI daisy chain is presented in the datasheet (pages 78-82).

  • Correction on Q2: Vin range should be 11V to 55V for IC to operate perfectly (V+ supply voltage, page 6 in datasheet).