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Question about the transformer at isoSPI interface of LTC6811 and LTC6813

Category: Software
Product Number: LTC6811-1,LTC6811-2,LTC6813-1


My customer is considering to use ADI BMS solution and use isoSPI interface (daisy chain).

And during reviewing the specification of isoSPI, if they use isoSPI, they should use external transformer in isoSPI line.

But they don't want to use these transformers in isoSPI Line.

Can they remove these transformers in isoSPI Line?

Please advise your opinions about using isoSPI without using transformers.



added daisy chain
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  • As per datasheet (page 80), it is possible to use capacitor-isolated coupling on single board designs with low noise requirements.

    They might want to consider using ADBMS6815 in their application. Please…