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DC2192B demo board - writing configuration issue

Category: Software
Product Number: LTC6806, DC2192B
Software Version: Arduino 1.8.19

Hello, I am using DC2192B to monitor the voltage of 36 resistors for demonstration.

The following picture shows all the available commands for further reference.

The function of monitoring voltages by using command 2 and 3 works well,

but it failed when I tried to verify the function of over-voltage(OV) and under-voltage(UV) monitoring by setting the resistors' voltages lower than the UV threshold.

In the follwing picture, I try to change the thresholds to 0.3V for UV and 0.7V for OV by writing a command to the demo board.

At first, it seems good, but if I read the current configuration, the received configuration remains unchanged because the last 3 bytes are still 0x00.

And if I check the GPIO5's voltage, it remains near 5V regardless of how the monitoring voltage changes.

(According to the datasheet, GPIO5's voltage will become LOW or 0V when an UV fault is detected)

For further investigation, I add some code in the function of print_stat() to print out the UV and OV flags of each channel.

If the demo board works well, it should be all 0, indicating no UV and OV fault is detected

but the results seem to be random.

I am not sure if it's a software problem or a hardware problem, any help and advice will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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  • Unfortunately I will not be able to help you with microcontroller selection as I don't have enough information on what your complete requirement. I will recommend you to get better advise on micro controller selection from from MCU customer support portal based on your requirement. I will only be able to help you with any functionality of 6806. Please let me know if you need any further clarification related to it.