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DC2259A & DC590B "cannot load com module for this device"


3 separate questions,

I've got a DC2259A & DC590B, I've downloaded Quikeval (K117) and I'm getting the "cannot load com module for this device" message.

I also could not find the GUI for the LTC6811(IG-1), I found and downloaded the LTC6804 GUI but it's failing to read the config registers, red "F"s in the register boxes (I assume this is due to it not having the com module). Could you confirm that this is the correct GUI?

I am working on a windows PC to get this going to start with but the evaluation system I am looking to develop would run this on a Linux (Xubuntu) PC and save the data to an Influx database, do you have any tips for this?

Thanks in advance


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