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DC2100B-C quikeval problem


I am a PhD student and I would need to run a balancing system for my research. I have a problem with the quikeval of DC2100B-C. I have program quikeval K116 and it shows me that: found device DC2100AC click OPEN to begin. But when I click OPEN a window shows: Cannot load module for the device. I followed exactly the datasheet quick start procedure. The green LED D15 on my board flashes when I connect it to USB. You would advise me how to proceed when I want to run the SW on DC2100B-C.

When I try to upgrade quikeval. So this system writes to me, "Found device DC2100AC. The module for this device is not present locally. It will be downloaded and installed from the LTC website if located there." But then it turns off and nothing downloads. 

Could you send me the software needed for the DC2100B-C board, the one that wants to download this quikeval? Because the program for DC590 works without problems for me.

Would it be possible to access the DC2100B-C board control software differently? I don't understand why I have this problem.

Or would it not be possible to start USB communication with the PIC18F47J53-I / ML chip that is there? I would need to run voltage measurements and balance control commands.

I will be very grateful for any information.

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