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ADG728 with LTC6813


We want to increase the Analog pins capability of our LTC6813 IC by adding a multiplexer (ADG728), Does ADG728 need more than pure I2C communication with the LTC6813 board? Would a third-party solution like Analog MUX2 click by MIKROE be enough to do this functionality (

  • The ADG728 will work with LTC6813.  Looking at the Analog MUX2 click schematic, it should work fine.  If you're building your own circuit it may be preferable to add an opamp buffer, as with the lower settling time your throughput would be faster.  The LTC6813 datasheet page 87 shows this configuration.  Note that the LTC6255 is not required if settling time is not a concern, and  the D pin of ADG728 can be attached directly to the GPIO filter.

    The I2C usage isn't any different than normal for I2C on LTC6813 GPIO, and detailed on page 37 of the datasheet.

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