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Question about the function of TSO pin at LTC6803-4


My customer ask some questions about TSO pin at LTC6803-4.

In their design, they have some fault about connection of TSO pin.

They say that TSO pin is NC in their design. (In your datasheet, TSO pi seems to be connected to Vreg or V-).

So they ask some questions about the function of TSO pin.

Q1) If they leave TSO pin is NC, are there any effect to their system or operation of LTC6803-4?

Q2) Would you let me know the exact function and operation of TSO pin in LTC6803-4?

Please advise me.



  • This is the Top-of-Stack  (TOS) input. If the IC is in a daisy-chain system, then the last unit (furthest from the master) should have this bit set to Vreg. It prevents false information from entering the top port during polling for example. In cases of standalone or addressable operation, this bit should also be set to Vreg.