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2-wire isolated interface (isoSPI) mode for Active balancing PCB


I need a consultation. Is it possible to make an Active Balancing PCB on 2-wire isoSPI (without addresses)? I did it on two LTC6810-1, but i don't like the PCB topology and the balancer on this microcircuit. Is there another way? Thanks for the help!

P.S. Tell me if you need project source files.

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  • Thanks for Your reply! Yes I know that. But I asked about something else. I want to do non-addressable active balancing. Now I have a PCB with microcircuits LTC6810-1 and LTC3300-1, but I don't like the balancer on LTC6810-1. If I make a PCB on one LTC6811-1 chip and two LTC3300-1, will it work or not? I know that in LTC6811-1 the commands are transmitted by a shift and I am afraid that the command may not reach the second LTC3300-1 in stack.

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