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Reading cell voltage from LTC6813IC.

I am using TMS570LS1224 micro controller .and demo circuit 1941D and LTC6813 ic.

i am trying to read voltage .but i am able to read voltage of only few cells.

so, what should i do. 

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  • Hi Gautam,

    If you could just put specific part of the code which needs to be reviewed than it is okay with me.

    the TX length for read command would be 4 bytes only. RX length of the data would be 8 bytes. Please ensure that IC is in wakeup state before you send the command.

    Are you getting any PEC error for this data? Is it possible for you to check this on DSO and confirm the clock and CS patterns this is an unusual behavior and not possible from AFE side. Just to rule out other possibilities can you send clear cell register command before each ADCV and then confirm the values.