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Reading cell voltage from LTC6813IC.

I am using TMS570LS1224 micro controller .and demo circuit 1941D and LTC6813 ic.

i am trying to read voltage .but i am able to read voltage of only few cells.

so, what should i do. 

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  • Hii Sgarg,

    i have checked POL,PHA with all possible combination.

    like 01,10,11,00

    but if i do like this  some cell voltage is coming like POL=0,PHA=1. and POL=1,PHA=0

    and i already converted 32 into 8.i have sent you code in zip file.please can you review once.


    if i put tx_len=4,then it is not working. here output is 0.000 like that.

    but if tx_len=6 this is working.

    working means i received same output which i have inserted.

  • Hi Gautam,

    If you could just put specific part of the code which needs to be reviewed than it is okay with me.

    the TX length for read command would be 4 bytes only. RX length of the data would be 8 bytes. Please ensure that IC is in wakeup state before you send the command.

    Are you getting any PEC error for this data? Is it possible for you to check this on DSO and confirm the clock and CS patterns this is an unusual behavior and not possible from AFE side. Just to rule out other possibilities can you send clear cell register command before each ADCV and then confirm the values.

  • if i Put TX length for read command is 4 bytes.

    It is not working.

    when i put more and equal to 6 then it is working.

    this is the file.

    and i didn't understand about.

     Is it possible for you to check this on DSO and confirm the clock and CS patterns this is an unusual behavior and not possible from AFE side. 

    and i have checked with LTC6813_clrcell(); command before adcv.but it 's still not working.

  • Hii Sgarg,

    Please help me.

    My project is getting delay due to minor mistake in some where.

  • Hii Sgarg,

    At the time of receiving  4 times  0xff is coming.

    how to overcome this.

  • Hi,

    Are you receiving PEC error in those measurements?

    If initial measurements are not measured then this could be an issue with your wake-up method. 

    You can use PLADC command to make sure conversion is completed.


  • hii Sgarg,

    when i put PLDAC command then it is showing 0xFF.

    And Pec is coming 0x6c.

    pec_error =0x06

    while (1)
    LTC6813_wrcfg(TOTAL_IC,bms_ic); // writes onto configuration register A
    LTC6813_wrcfgb(TOTAL_IC,bms_ic); // writes onto configuration register B



    for (current_ic = 0 ; current_ic < TOTAL_IC; current_ic++)
    for (i=0; i<bms_ic[0].ic_reg.cell_channels; i++)

    voltage[i] =(bms_ic[current_ic].cells.c_codes[i]*0.0001);

    /* USER CODE END */

  • Hii Sgarg,

    i am ready to give you Remote access of my system.

    If u don't mind.

    Because this is very important project for me.

    Please guide me.

    my mail id is

  • Hi,

    What are the Sequence of commands we need to get the Cell Voltages from LTC6813,

    I'm trying to Communicate LTC6813 using Arduino over the SPI Communication with (LTSketchbook) Examples over the SPI Communication.

    Please share the Sequence which i need to follow to get the Cell Voltages of the connected Battery.

    Suggest the options which i need to select for get the Cell volatages.

    Note: Every power ON the Same Sequence is mandatory For Register Writings or one time is enough(EEPROM Savings are there?)