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Reading cell voltage from LTC6813IC.

I am using TMS570LS1224 micro controller .and demo circuit 1941D and LTC6813 ic.

i am trying to read voltage .but i am able to read voltage of only few cells.

so, what should i do. 

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  • Hii Sgarg,

    i have checked POL,PHA with all possible combination.

    like 01,10,11,00

    but if i do like this  some cell voltage is coming like POL=0,PHA=1. and POL=1,PHA=0

    and i already converted 32 into 8.i have sent you code in zip file.please can you review once.


    if i put tx_len=4,then it is not working. here output is 0.000 like that.

    but if tx_len=6 this is working.

    working means i received same output which i have inserted.