Linear regulator models?

I also posted this question here: Where are the linear regulators in ADIsimPE?

I am interested in simulating some linear regulators including the ADM7154, ADM7150, ADP7182, and ADP1740/1741. So off I went and downloaded the linear regulator excel spreadsheet tool. I am impressed by its capabilities. But it doesn't show any plots of efficiency, PSRR, ripple, or temperature.

@So then I downloaded ADEsimPE and tried to simulate it myself. I had no luck finding the SIMPLIS or SIMetrix model for any of the above parts.

Then I read in the ADEsimPE user's guide that I should be able to click a single button and have my design exported to ADEsimPE. But I could not find this button in the spreadsheet. So dead end there.

Ironically, there are linear regulators from LTI.

Why can't I find any linear regulator models in ADEsimPE? Am I just being dumb and looking in the wrong place?

Thanks for your time.

  • Hi,

    LDO models are currently under development, but have not been released yet. They have not been a high priority for development to date, but we are seeing more requests for them and raising the development priority. We hope to start adding these models over the next year. We will be notifying the registered users of ADIsimPE when models are available.

    Regarding the model export feature from ADIsimPower, the export button only displays if a simulation model is available. We continue to add models on a continuous basis, but not all parts are supported.

    If you look at the Operational Estimates section of the ADIsimPower design, you will find the efficiency, estimated die temperature, PSRR (@ 1kHz), and integrated noise for the design. Admittedly, they are single points instead of a curve vs. frequency, but they are a good starting point.

  • Thanks for the answer. That makes sense. Is there another way to simulate the Analog Devices LDOs?

  • The problem is that we do not have the models developed, so unfortunately there are no LDO simulation tools yet.