Creating Spice model from time-domain oscilloscope data

I was curious if there was a tool or program available to take time-domain data for a circuit component captured by an ADC or oscilloscope, and create a Spice model to replicate the laboratory data in a Spice simulation, and other analysis programs using this circuit component.  An example of data collected by an ADC can be seen here:

I have not been successful in modeling this response with a series RC circuit, where the capacitor is charged to ~0.78 V to begin the simulation of the voltage decay.  Hence, a more elaborate Spice model is required, so does a program exist to optimally select the Spice model configuration to match the time-domain response?

This tools exists for converting frequency domain data to a Spice model for RF and microwave circuits, so I will be surprised if it does not exist for analog circuits.  If it does not exist, I suspect there is an untapped market available to anyone who develops this tool.  

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