Creating Spice model from time-domain oscilloscope data

I was curious if there was a tool or program available to take time-domain data for a circuit component captured by an ADC or oscilloscope, and create a Spice model to replicate the laboratory data in a Spice simulation, and other analysis programs using this circuit component.  An example of data collected by an ADC can be seen here:

I have not been successful in modeling this response with a series RC circuit, where the capacitor is charged to ~0.78 V to begin the simulation of the voltage decay.  Hence, a more elaborate Spice model is required, so does a program exist to optimally select the Spice model configuration to match the time-domain response?

This tools exists for converting frequency domain data to a Spice model for RF and microwave circuits, so I will be surprised if it does not exist for analog circuits.  If it does not exist, I suspect there is an untapped market available to anyone who develops this tool.  

  • Hi Scott 

    We do not have such modeling tools as the moment.

    Yes such a tool would be beneficial to hasten development of complex  models



  • Dear Mikee, 

    The addition of this SPICE tool would be invaluable to the industry, so it is a market opportunity for a SPICE developer to bring this new laboratory data interpretation tool to market for the automated development of SPICE models for laboratory waveforms like he one shown above.  University students, researchers, and industry professionals alike would use the tool, so it has a mass market available today.

    Let me know if anyone starts working on this tool, since it should include linear an nonlinear device models, as well as the electrochemical SPICE elements developed for modeling fuel cells and batteries.

    Take care,