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Blog Post created by NevadaMark Employee on Feb 2, 2015


For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, our priority of purpose here is to grow as engineers.  Our philosophy in this pursuit is to to promote experience sharing in a manner that is fun and easy to absorb.  I love comedy, I love helping people and really love making a difference to those who have the courage to stretch outside of their comfort zone.  There are very few things that give me more joy than helping someone accomplish something that they were not sure they could do on their own.  Going where we have never gone often involves a bit of courage to take the first step, preparation to understand what to expect, perception to observe what is unexpected and persistence to do whatever it takes to solve problems that need to be solved!   I thank you for joining us and in advance for the contributions that you will make through your comments, which impact people that I might not be equipped to help! 

Let's have some fun!