Analog Bliss in a Digital World

Blog Post created by NevadaMark Employee on Sep 24, 2014

When I tell me friends that I work for Analog Devices, I often feel a dark cloud of gloom come over them, as they seem to worry about their friend "working for an analog company in a digital world."  Of course that is fun for me because (1) Analog Devices is actually enabling the many things that make them believe it is a digital world and (2) many of the things that we experience in life are still better understood through "analog thinking."  No doubt, digital interfaces and communications have been life changing but we still live in a world that excites all of our senses in a very analog manner. Observing the exact shade of red in my wife's lipstick or noticing when the temperature outside is so perfect that a light breeze feels like a silk sheet slowing moving across my body are examples of sensory experiences that we understand and value, without requiring the services of an A/D converter or Digital Signal Processor.   From a technology point of view, we still need to tune communication signal chains for optimal transmitting/receiving efficiency, we still need power conversion that is responsive and meets the needs of all of the digital devices and there are still many musicians that believe that the tube amplifiers sound better than the those that are enabled by today's solid state technology.  We may communicate in a manner that is increasing influenced by digital functions but our bodies still perceive many of life's greatest joys through an Analog prism.  For me, I greatly appreciate all of the digital-enabled functions in my life, but I am still excited about those things that we can only find, "between the bits."


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