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mixer signal chain with PLL LO source

This inquiry is aimed towards the x-microwave folks, not ADI folks. I am an ADI applications engineer, focusing in RF applications.

I'd like to experiment with receive signal chains using the x-microwave tools. We've been experimenting with image reject mixer receive architectures, using two mixers and a 90 degree hybrid as the combiner on the IF side. The only ADI mixer I see is the HMC557 (2.5GHz to 7GHz mixer), which will do fine for starters, but I'm also looking for an ADI PLL in the x-microwave portfolio. In order to achieve the image rejection, I need to generate quadrature LO's, so need to have two PLLs (whatever they may be) and the ability to program their phase.

Is the HMC557 the only ADI mixer available in the x-microwave tools, and do you have a PLL available to generate a 2.5GHz to 7GHz LO?



  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your interest in ADI products on our X-Microwave format.

    There are a broad range of ADI parts that are being designed in at the moment and quite a few that are already designed that have not been added to the site.

    In terms of mixers we currently support any of the passive mixers with the LC3B footprint such as the HMC787LC3B. There are approx 20 other mixer part numbers that are being designed in at this time that will be available by February timeframe.

    In terms of PLLs and VCOs we are designing in virtually all of the ADI parts.  The current PLLs that are available are:

    ADF4355-x and ADF5355


    ADF4159 and ADF 4169

    Note that the assembly pictured in the masthead on X-Microwave's home page in the PartZone features an ADF4169 PLL along with a companion VCO board for any of the 5x5mm ADI VCOs as shown in the image below.  The RasPi  is used to control the PLL and other devices.  These two combined X-MWblocks are approx 1" x 1.2" in footprint.

    Feel free to call for more details.


    John Richardson

    President, X-Microwave

  • Hi John,

    I work in the Partners program with Andy, you and I should definitely talk some time. I'd like to try some different signal chains with x-microwave components and do some write-ups.

    I'm having some trouble with your website right now, but very often things are right in front of me and I don't see them. When I look at your selection tables, it looks like they are categorized by the x-microwave part number. However, if I'm looking to see if a component from a particular vendor is available in one of your modules, it doesn't look like I can search by that.

    Specifically, I'd like to use the ADRF5355, also looking for an ADI mixer in your portfolio that runs in the 5GHz to 15GHz range. I know that a lot of these type of mixers require a lot of LO power, so will likely need an ADI RF amp that can drive 10-15dBm. Can you help me with the component search issue (probably something very obvious that I'm not seeing.