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How long have you been affiliated with Analog Devices (ADI)?

How long have you been affiliated with Analog Devices (ADI)? What projects have you collaborated on with ADI?

  • Vanteon has been working with ADI solutions for over 15 years, with special expertise with Blackfin DSP and ADI9361 Software Defined Radio (SDR) chipsets.  We formally started a relationship with ADI about a year and a half ago where we have collaborated on several projects, mostly related to the Software Defined Radio where we have implemented ADI 9361 and Blackfin DSPs.  We are fortunate to be among the first ADI Partners in its Partner Zone Program and look forward to assisting other ADI clients with new designs. 

  • Vanteon's first generation SDR, Wavecaster (TM), which utilizes ADI's Blackfin DSP as the heart of it's waveform generation capability, has been successfully delivered in many projects.  Applications include a powerful Automated Meter Reading collection gateway, a broadband signal detection system, and several others.  We are very pleased with the performance and value of the Blackfin family.

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