Tri-Star Design, Inc., an Electronic Product Development Company and Full Service Design Partner of Analog Devices, is excited to be involved with some amazing and innovative technology being developed by MIT Research and Development in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

MIT researchers, using industry available components, have been working on a 3D printer capable of building with 10 photopolymer materials at once.  This research team is targeting the printer cost to be less than $7,000. That compares to systems that print with just three materials at one time and can cost $250,000. According to the MIT team, the MultiFab 3D printer works by mixing together microscopic droplets of photopolymers that are then extruded through inkjet printheads similar to those in office printers.


Tri-Star Design was selected to design, test and integrate the electronic hardware, which includes the Main System Processing Element, System Power Management and the Print Head Control board functions. This drive functionality was achieved using Analog Devices DACs and OP Amps for Signal Conversion and Conditioning ( AD8628 and AD5547).   The design also makes use of several ADI Analog Switches which are critical in the Print Head Control Circuitry.    Thanks to ADI for all of your support during the design process.  

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