Electrochemical and Bio-Impedance Wireless Demonstration Module (ECBBLE).

Many of our clients, especially over the last two years, are developing new electrochemical sensors for point of care (POC) testing. There’s also an increasing number of applications using single and multi-frequency bio-impedance for physiological measurements during drug discovery, and lifestyle disease detection such body fat analysis or respiration monitoring.

In all use cases there’s a need to solve high precision, high frequency potentiostat and impedance measurements over a standard wireless communication protocol powered by a battery. ECBBLE is a proven control, measurement, and wireless solution for validating new sensor and monitoring capabilities all on a miniature PCB footprint. After you have validated your measurement subsystem requirements using ECBBLE, Tri-Star Design’s ISO13485:2016 medical certification, electrical, mechanical and software engineering design and development services are available for complete systems integration and prototyping. Addition functionality could include LCD display, housing, user interface, battery port, wired and wireless communication to smart phone or PC. ECBBLE use cases extend well beyond the healthcare industry and can be used for a range of industrial applications such as water analysis, food safety and corrosion detection.

The ECBBLE module is a proven wireless, battery operated measurement and control design ideal for a range of electrochemical and bioimpedance use cases on a 1” X 1.5” PCB. ECBBLE uses an Analog Devices AD5941 analog front end (AFE), a complete Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE) module based on Nordic Semiconductor ARM Cortex-M4F processor, power management, CR2032 battery holder and a 3 electrode connector for electrochemical strips.

In addition, there’s pads on the PCB that allow direct wiring to for example, 3M Red Dot electrodes for physiological monitoring. The ECBBLE can be programmed, controlled and results displayed using a smart phone or using an XXX connector to a PC platform. Shown are the top and bottom sides of the module.

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