A local start-up has an impressive team of successful entrepreneurs and has an amazing idea for a new product to fill a hole in the current market demand.   That is just step one in the process of realizing the dream of bringing this product to market.   


As Tri-Star Design has grown and evolved, it has become clear that our clients value a more integrated approach to product development.   Of course, our clients have great depth of knowledge and resources in specific areas, but the idea of applying a team approach to provide a full turn-key service can be truly valuable in off-loading the client’s resources to do what they do best to bring a product to market faster and more efficiently.


Our combination of support from the concept phase with development of a full functional specification, to full Industrial/Mechanical design with 3D printing capabilities, to full hardware and software design capabilities, can provide you with all the tools you need better sell your concept to the world.  Our innovative team of multidisciplinary engineers, and our strong relationships with local assembly and manufacturing and test partners, allow you to work with Tri-Star Design as a single partner, who will drive and manage the product development all the way through the final stages of integration and test and certifications. 


A team approach to any project will allow for taking advantage of the best resources at the right time, reducing overhead costs while having access to subject matter experts throughout the entire project. 


Many of our clients have listed this as a key differentiator in working with a design firm such as Tri-Star Design.  This has allowed them to focus on innovation, fund-raising and fully engaging with the key drivers in their market to insure success upon release of the final product. Faster time to market always has and always will drive better market penetration.  Increased market share drives higher profit margins and stability as the next great idea is realized.  Consider choosing a partner with the ability to provide turn-key services and project management that will allow you to focus on your innovative ideas.