What kind of embedded hardware design engineering services does SED offer?

What kind of embedded hardware design engineering services does SED offer?

  • SED Systems has developed a number of products over the past several years, and as a result, we’ve developed expertise in a number of areas related to embedded hardware design.

    Areas of SED Systems embedded hardware design expertise includes:

    • Complex DSP algorithm development
    • Development of FPGA logic cores (complex DSP, data transport),
    • Embedded software development for monitor and control of FPGA logic
    • High-speed digital circuit design,
    • RF circuit design (50 MHz to 30 GHz)
    • Mixed-signal PCB design and layout

    The majority of our products employ a DAC, ADC or both, plus our products include enclosure design and thermal management.  SED has best-in-class workmanship standards including certification to North American, CE Safety, and EMC standards.  SED is European RoHS compliant and we adhere to WEEE directives.

    SED Systems has qualified and re-qualified embedded hardware products for military applications. Our environmental stress testing can ensure that a product will operate embedded hardware effectively in a variety of conditions including high and low-temperature environments, and high shock and vibration environments.  We’ve also been able to create and test a product design with a watertight enclosure that’s resistant to fuels, oils, blowing sand and other debris.

    SED is your trusted embedded solutions provider, ask us a question to learn how we can help. 

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