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Unable to establish connection to Bytepipe_HDK (with ADRV 9002) board via TES GUI

Category: Software
Product Number: Bytepipe_HDK ADRV9002
Software Version: Agro Navis 0.25.0


We are not able to connect the Bytepipe_HDK (ADRV 9002) board to the TES GUI . [Relevant versions of the ADRV SDK Package including TES GUI Software  and SD Card images were downloaded from the bytepipe sdk git page as instructed). We are unable to change the IP address settings (to so as to enable smooth TES GUI control of the board. (PFA relevant screenshots). 

Note: When the IP is at, there is communication with the board (basic pings are successful) but upon changing settings in the GUI, there was still no connection established (Attached below is the connection failure message)

PS: We also tried using the LwipEnable command to toggle our enable once the IP was set but there seems to be no luck!

  • We use the TES GUI to generate an ADRV900x configuration profile. Exporting this profile from the TES GUI results in a collection of c files. These files get compiled with our baremetal software to configure the ADRV900x RFIC. 

    Check out this link for a video that walk you through this process:

    Note: The link brings you to a header in a readme file posted on our bytepipe_sdk github repo. The video is right below that header.

  • For this issue with setting the carrier frequency, there are two requirements. First, Tx1 needs to be in RfCalibrated mode or it will not change frequency. The second depends on the actual TES profile configuration, but LO1 and LO2 cannot be set to the same frequency, so either Tx2 or Rx1 need to be set to something else.