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Reference project/links to port petalinux/linux to Bytepipe SoM

Category: Software
Product Number: BP-3CG1C-9002


I have a BP-Kit & BP-3CG1C-9002 SoM. I have followed the user guide. Loaded the SD card images & checked the CLI. It is functioning as expected in the document.

Going forwards, I need to port linux/petalinux to the SOM & build my applications. Do you have the reference projects/packages / images which loads any OS into the platform (linux/petalinux)?

Also, is there any APIs to access the ADRV9002 registers/config functions for the BP-3CG1C-9002 platform specific?

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Hariprasad Bhat

  • Our Github site:

    Our Github site has everything that is currently available with our SDK as well as documentation to support development.  There is already an example petalinux build on Github that should help you get started.  Regarding the API, we leveraged a lot of the existing ADI function calls with the ADRV9002, so we did not develop anything custom outside of that.  This should also be documented on our Github site.  If you have any issues with what has been provided, or have additional questions, please let us know.