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Regarding the RadioCarbon_13 Board

Category: Software
Product Number: Radiocarbon_13



          We are using the Radio carbon-13 .While working with this we come across a little query regarding the boot.bin file which is one of the contents of the micro_sd card  of the board.
We would like to know the steps to create the boot.bin file and in addition to that we would like to create our own boot.bin file including the modified RPU binary as well as FPGA bit file.

So we kindly request you to provide the necessary info that help us to resolve the queries that we have been going through.

Thanks & Regards
Pulla Rao Chilakala

  • Did you receive the sd_card with a pre-built boot.bin? Or did you build it using the NextGen RF github instructions?

  • The pre-built boot.bin file in the sd_card and it is working fine . Then We have followed the NextGen RF latest github  version instructions and built our own boot.bin file. This newly built file is having the issues as follows
    1.)The peak in the spectrum analyzer is not continuous it get's flattened after raising for 30 seconds when we load the bitstream.
    2.)And we were not able to adjust the tx2 frequencies using the tera term commands related screenshots for these two have

    • (a) The adrv9002 rfic will emit signals right after power up for calibration purposes. This shouldn't last much longer than 30 seconds.
    • (b) I just tried changing carrier frequencies and it works if you set Tx2EnableMode to 2.
  • Hello,

    1. we have issues in changing x2EnableMode to 2. we are using version 08.31.22 .  using latest version we got adrv calibaration failed error.

    2. we would like to work in JTAG mode instead of boot mode. We kindly request you to please let us know whether there is any hardware setting on board that we need to use to switch the mode between JTAG and sd_card.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pullarao Chilakala

  • 1. Could you send me a screenshot including the command you entered and the result you got back?

    2. There is a little black switch underneath the module that plugs into the larger board. Switch to the position closer to the nearest corner of the module for JTAG. Since you're already in sd_card mode, JTAG mode is just the other position.

    Note: You don't have to detach the module to flip the switch.